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John Priddy, CEO and Co-Founder, Windrider Institute
An entrepreneur and Peabody award winning film producer, John is a leader in the creation and expansion of entrepreneurial companies and development of non- profit enterprises. John is an executive producer of award winning documentaries and new media, including Hilla
Medalia’s Muhi-Generally Temporary, After The Storm, To Die in Jerusalem; Heather Rae’s Showtime feature, Family: The First Circle; Laura Waters-Hinson’s Mama Rwanda, Dog Days, and As We Forgive; Doug Block’s critically acclaimed 51 Birch Street and Dani Menkin’s Academy short listed 39 Pounds of Love. John serves on the Advisory Board for the Fuller Brehm Center, the John Templeton Foundation Communications department and on the CM Corporation. John has a Masters of Arts in Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary where he was awarded the Brehm Center Distinguished Alumni Award in 2012 and has a B.S in Business Administration from the University of Colorado.
Will Stoller-Lee, Director and Co-Founder, Windrider Forum
Will was one of the co-founders of the Windrider Film Forum (along with John and Ed Priddy and Dr. Craig Detweiler). In 2004, the four co-founders visited the Sundance Film Festival and launched the one-of-a-kind
immersive educational experience that is offered in Park City, UT. He was also an integral part of the leadership team who launched the Bay Area event in 2010. Will now serves as the Executive Director of the Windrider Forum overseeing the experience each year at Sundance, collaborating on local film forums in the Bay Area, Colorado Springs, and other locations, and assisting with a new project to curate, aggregate, and distribute short films as part of a Windrider online platform. Prior to Windrider, Will worked for almost 35 years as an entrepreneurial leader in graduate theological education. From 1995-2019, he served as the director of Fuller Theological Seminary’s regional campus in Colorado Springs.

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