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windrider virtual film forum
Independent Films. Compelling Conversations. Unexpected Journeys.
         What is the Windrider Experience?
The Windrider experience is an invitation to explore big human issues in a way you might not have considered. Independent films are compelling, artistic works that invite us, as the audience, to be more than spectators. These filmmakers help you to see the world with a different set of eyes, to explore the human condition with compassion and respect. They leave you searching for constructive actions to address whatever issues are raised in the films.
Windrider Bay Area is bringing you the opportunity to watch these types of independent films without having to leave the comfort of your home this year. Although we will miss seeing all of you in our beautiful theater venue, we will be providing short films, filmmaker Q&A’s, and exploration guides so you can engage in discussions with your family and friends.
Before COVID-19, the team went to major film festivals and looked for “Windrider” type of films: films that explore our common humanity through a lens of hope. The films we choose will take you on a journey of the heart, mind and soul. In a culture dominated by noise and dialogue that can be polarizing and divisive, Windrider seeks to create space for productive conversation.
Our goal with Windrider is to bring some of these films to you and motivate you to respond actively and constructively. Through these films and the filmmaker conversations, we believe we can broaden understanding of ourselves and others, break down barriers of indifference, and encourage people to make a difference in our world.
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