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   windrider summer film series
Our season of free screenings of short films and filmmaker conversations continues every Sunday with our Windrider Summer Film Series! Check out our film lineup, brought to you by our generous donors and sponsors, and mark your calendar for Sundays at 7PM PDT beginning on July 5th.
Nocturne in Black
In the midst of a war-ravaged Syria where individuals live in constant fear of random violence and music has been outlawed by local jihadists, Karim seeks solace by secretly playing for himself and his neighbors. Inspired by actual events, the film underscores how music and the arts can remind us of our common humanity and provide hope even in the most difficult circumstances.
Nocturne in Black is presented by:
Teen Press
Teen Press follows eight students who are selected for a highly sought- after elective class at the Santa Barbara Middle School. The audience comes to realize that we are not simply watching a film about an innovative journalism class, but these curious young people teach all of us about some of the most important lessons in life.
Teen Press is presented by:
  SUNDAY, JULY 19th at 7PM PDT
The Driver Is Red
A riveting account of the hunt by secret service agents to track down a notorious fugitive in the remote outskirts of Buenos Aires. The film is imaginatively illustrated through striking hand-drawn animation to slowly reveal the suspense of a case that would send shockwaves around the world.
The Driver Is Red is presented by:

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