Page 21 - Windrider Virtual Film Forum 2020
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Beneath the Ink
Tattoo artist Billy Joe White sends out a Facebook invitation to his customers asking them to “bring me your mistakes”. The overwhelming response in this small town in the Appalachia region of southern Ohio encourages the viewer to look beneath the surface as Billy shares his heartfelt mission to “erase the hate”.
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 SUNDAY, AUGUST 2nd at 7PM PDT Double Feature:
An aspiring engineer with multiple blueprints for failed airplane launches encounters an unexpected guest when a tiny young aviator with a fantastic flying machine crashes into her life. The exquisite animation in this film captures the feelings of disappointment and discouragement of each inventor and the beauty of teamwork as they work together to achieve their dreams.
Head Over Heels
After years of marriage, Walter and Madge have grown apart in ways that are tangibly illustrated by the design of this film that shows how each of them experience their daily routine from two entirely opposite points of view. The imaginative stop motion animation in this film pays attention to every tiny detail as the couple tries to reignite the magic in their relationship as they seek a new equilibrium in their lives.
 SOAR and Head Over Heels are presented by:

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