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windrider summer film series (continued)
DeKalb Elementary
Inspired by an actual incident in Atlanta, GA, DeKalb Elementary is a tense yet poignant story of a troubled young man who enters the elementary school with a rifle in hand intent on punishing innocent bystanders. Experience the visceral fear of those who are trapped in the school office, the vulnerability of mental illness, and ultimately the compassion and heroism that helps bring the situation to its resolution.
DeKalb Elementary is presented by:
 SUNDAY, AUGUST 16th at 7PM PDT Double Feature:
This 5-minute short film is an immersive experience that blends visual imagery, music/sound, and the spoken word of poet Vandoren Wheeler. Join a young boy with an innocent sense of wonder and curiosity as he goes on a journey from the tantalizing sights of a busy urban landscape to the transcendent beauty and magic of the natural world.
Kintsugi is a 16th century Japanese artform which restores broken and chipped pottery using a lacquer embellished with gold or other precious medals. Visual artist Makoto Fujimura and Kintsugi Master Kunio Nakamura invite us to explore a deeper understanding of the redemptive beauty of this ancient artform as we encounter brokenness in other areas of life.
 Wondrous and Kintsugi are presented by:
Waging Peace. Fighting Disease. Building Hope.
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