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windrider film club!
 • Short films available on demand starting on July 5th at
• Gather together family, friends, and/or colleagues - virtually or in person
• Create space for conversation or facilitate an engaging discussion about
the film, filmmaker Q&A, and exploration guide
These resources will give you the chance to host your own Windrider discussion with a group of your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues at work, social group, classmates - the list is endless. Maybe you have a book club that would enjoy expanding to also be a film club. Maybe you have classmates who would have fun starting a film club with you. Maybe your family is looking for enriching, entertaining ways to shelter-in-place together and would be happy to be in a family film club. Just access the on-demand film, filmmaker Q&A and exploration guide, complemented by your favorite food and/or beverage.
   ough for all your enthusiasm and participation over this year, we hope you have enjoyed these talented
ining us for our very first virtual film forum!
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