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Welcome Friends
and Fellow Film Fans,
Thank you for joining us for our first ever Windrider
Virtual Film Forum. With the current global
pandemic and COVID-19 guidelines, we are not
able to host you in person at the Menlo-Atherton
Performing Arts Center. Happily, we live in an era of
technology that lets us bring you these wonderful
independent films and filmmaker conversations
virtually. We applaud you for continuing to support
these talented filmmakers – “essential workers”
who educate, challenge and lift our spirits. It is
people like you, open to thought-provoking films
and willing to explore worlds outside your own,
that sustain and encourage these artists. For you, we continue to search for special films on relevant human issues that lend themselves to meaningful conversations. This year’s search resulted in another set of wonderful films that we are excited to share with you.
We open with a film about a jazz legend and a renowned pastry chef, parent and child, both at the top of their game, searching for the elusive balance in life. “That’s My Jazz”tells the story of Kansas City jazz legend, Milt Abel Sr. and Milt Abel II, who has worked at some of the finest restaurants in the world - The French Laundry, Per Se and Noma. We move on to discovering the next chapter in an immigrant couple’s lives, and what happens after the hard work of escaping danger, assimilating into a new land, and diligently taking care oflife’sresponsibilities. In“WalkRunCha-Cha”wefindthattherecanindeedstillbetime for finding sparks of joy in life. Our last film lets us share a journey of searching for who you are. In “Identity: The Andrew Nemr Story”, we follow a boy with Lebanon immigrant parents, growing up in Canada and the U.S., being bullied, confused and longing to fit in. He navigates his search with his creative tap dancing. Andrew’s journey encourages all of us to find our place of belonging.
We may not have the pleasure of being with you in person, but we are with you in spirit and delighted to be sharing these films and filmmakers with you. Whether you are a regular, or new to the Windrider experience, we hope you enjoy the evening and come back for the next seven Sunday evenings for our Windrider Summer Film Series.
 Thank you so much for your support and participation!
   Terri Bullock Director
Windrider Bay Area
Will Stoller-Lee Director and Co-Founder Windrider Forum
John Priddy CEO and Co-Founder Windrider Institute

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