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DeKalb Elementary

Friday, July 7, 2017 at 7 PM - Part of our Short Film Program

Screening followed by a Q & A with filmmaker Reed Van Dyk.

Based on an actual incident in Atlanta, GA, DeKalb Elementary is a tense yet poignant story of a troubled young man who enters the DeKalb school office with a rifle in hand. See how this too-common scenario plays itself out from inside the office, and experience the vulnerability of mental illness, the fear of those trapped, and ultimately the compassion and heroism that helps bring the situation to its resolution.

Grand Jury Prize – 2017 Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival
Special Jury Recognition in Acting – 2017 SXSW
Special Jury Award – 2017 Festival Regard

Filmmaker Reed Van Dyk will be joining us for the Q & A following the Short Film Program.

Press Coverage for DeKalb Elementary

Filmmaker Magazine
Review by Scott Macaulay from the SXSW Film Festival

“One of the year’s best performances can be found in Reed Van Dyk’s DeKalb Elementary, a sustained master class in slow burn tension.”

“(Tarra) Riggs is incredible as a woman trying to keep it all together, and Van Dyk’s script, based on an actual 911 call, matches her talent.”


Sight & Sound, The International Film Magazine
Review by Laurence Boyce

DeKalb Elementary uses the short form to its best advantage as it favours the understated and the intimate over the melodramatic and grandiose.”

“Writer and director Van Dyk keeps everything understated with a quasi-documentary feel… Yet despite its subtlety, the film has a strong emotional charge and the final moments are particularly affecting.”



DeKalb Elementary has the air of tension often associated with films dealing with similar subjects… But there’s also a rich vein of humanity throughout making it an emotionally powerful film.”

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