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About Windrider Bay Area

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What is the Windrider Film Forum?

Independent Films. Compelling Conversations.
Unexpected Journeys.

The Windrider Film Forum takes participants on a journey, exploring our common humanity imaginatively, intellectually, and compassionately, through film. Many filmmakers have become the conscience in our culture, creating films that do more than simply entertain us. They inspire us to find ways to make a difference in the world and in our local communities. If you open your minds and your hearts, these independent films can be a catalyst for meaningful, productive, intentional action.

So, what does that mean?

It means we work to find independent feature length and short films exploring the human condition with creativity and respect. We scout for these films at the Sundance Film Festival and other top festivals in the country. We bring the films and the filmmakers/subjects here and facilitate Q & A sessions that allow you to ask your questions from the principals of the film.

Why here?

We have the perfect community for this type of film forum. We have an intelligent, educated, caring population that is open to independent, thought-provoking films. We have citizens who are willing to engage in meaningful discussions and to reach out and respond to the needs of others.

Why now?

It is always the right time to look for the right thing to do. Look for where you can make a difference and feel the joy of serving others in some capacity, large or small. Our goal with Windrider is to bring some of the films telling the stories of these issues, and motivate our audience to respond actively and constructively.