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2020 Film Selections

our 2020 windrider virtual film forum replays
windrider virtual film festival

Opening Night Film Forum
Screened June 27, 2020 (1hr 45m)

“That’s My Jazz” with Exploration Guide
An intimate portrait of Milt Abel II, considered one of the best young pastry chefs in the world. The son of Kansas City jazz legend, Milt Abel Sr., Milt II longed to follow in his father’s footsteps, but on a different stage.

“Walk Run Cha-Cha” with Exploration Guide
The story of two young lovers, Paul and Millie, separated by the collapse of Vietnam at the end of the war. Years later, they are reunited as Vietnamese refugees starting their lives over in California.

“Identity” with Exploration Guide
Andrew Nemr’s story as a Lebanese immigrant in New York City. Follow his journey as he struggles with being bullied and the labels others placed on him. Come cheer him on as he navigates the world, searches for his identity, and finds his joy in tap dancing.


Nocturne in Black

“Nocturne in Black”
Screened July 5, 2020 (35m)

with Exploration Guide and Bonus Content

In the midst of a war-ravaged Syria where individuals live in constant fear of random violence and music has been outlawed by local jihadists, Karim seeks solace by secretly playing for himself and his neighbors.

Teen Press Header

“Teen Press”
Screened July 12, 2020 (45m)

with Exploration Guide and Bonus Content

“Teen Press” follows eight students who are selected for a highly sought-after elective class at the Santa Barbara Middle School. These curious young people teach all of us about some of the most important lessons in life.

The Driver Is Red

“The Driver Is Red”
Screened July 19, 2020 (30m)

with Exploration Guide and Bonus Content

This imaginatively hand illustrated film tells the riveting account of the hunt by secret service agents to track down a notorious fugitive in the remote outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Beneath the Ink

“Beneath the Ink”
Screened July 26, 2020 (25m)

with Exploration Guide and Bonus Content

Tattoo artist Billy Joe White sends out a Facebook invitation to his customers asking them to “bring me your mistakes,” encouraging the viewer to look beneath the surface as Billy shares his heartfelt mission to “erase the hate.”

“Soar” and “Head Over Heels”
Screened August 2, 2020 (30m)

with Exploration Guide and Bonus Content

In “Soar,” an aspiring engineer with multiple blueprints for failed airplane launches encounters an unexpected guest when a tiny young aviator with a fantastic flying machine crashes into her life.

The imaginative stop motion animation in “Head Over Heels” pays attention to every tiny detail as Walter and Madge try to reignite the magic in their relationship as they seek a new equilibrium in their lives.

DeKalb Elementary

“DeKalb Elementary”
Screened August 9, 2020 (35m)

with Exploration Guide and Bonus Content

Inspired by an actual incident in Atlanta, GA, “DeKalb Elementary” is a tense yet poignant story of a troubled young man who enters the elementary school with a rifle in hand, and the heartwarming relationship he develops with the school receptionist.

“Wondrous” and “Kintsugi”
Screened August 16, 2020 (30m)

with Exploration Guides and Bonus Content

“Wondrous” is a 5-minute short film immersive experience that blends visual imagery, music/sound, and the spoken word of poet Vandoren Wheeler.

In “Kintsugi,” visual artist Makoto Fujimura and Kintsugi Master Kunio Nakamura invite us to explore a deeper understanding of the redemptive beauty of this ancient art form as we encounter brokenness in other areas of life.