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Head Over Heels – Short Film

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Head Over Heels – Short Film

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Filmmaker Conversation with Timothy Reckart and Alyce Tzue

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“Head Over Heels” Animating Timelapse

Watch the Full Program Replay, Streamed August 2, 2020

about the film:

After years of marriage, Walter and Madge have grown apart in ways that are tangibly illustrated by the design of this film that shows how each of them experience their daily routine from two entirely opposite points of view. This whimsical, insightful fable explore how Walter and Madge have gone from ‘head over heels” in love with one another to sparring over every one of their differences. The viewer watches the couple attempt to reignite the magic in their relationship as they seek a new equilibrium in their lives.


Timothy Reckart, Writer & Director, Animator